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Choo-Choo Train Baby Blanket

Choo-Choo Train Baby Blanket

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9 Moons Collection

Oh my goodness, have you seen this amazing baby blanket with colorful trains?! It's like a magical journey through a world of imagination, where anything is possible and every corner is filled with wonder.

The trains are so bright and cheerful, with their colorful cars and whimsical designs. It's like each one has its own personality, its own story to tell. And the blanket itself is so soft and cozy, it's like being wrapped up in a warm, snuggly hug.

Whether you're using it to swaddle your little one or just to keep yourself warm on a chilly day, this blanket is sure to bring a smile to your face. It's like a little slice of childhood, a reminder of all the joy and wonder that the world has to offer.

So why not treat yourself to this colorful train baby blanket? It's the perfect way to add a little whimsy to your day and remind yourself of all the magic that's out there waiting for you. All aboard!

Materials:  Polyester; made from an ultra-soft micro fleece       
Machine wash in cold on gentle cycle; tumble dry low


Measures 30" x 40"

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