New Crystals Coming to My Site!

New Crystals Coming to My Site!

I love to see new crystals and updated photos on websites.  Seeing items that I'm not as familiar with or crystals that I've always wanted, but never found THE ONE that calls to me is always exciting.

I recently received my order for beautiful labradorite spheres, pink amethyst geodes and more amethyst base cuts.  I also have some gold rutilated quartz spheres that are very popular right now.  I will be taking photos and posting them, hopefully today.

When I started my business, I didn't fully understand how much work it is to take the photos and create original descriptions for each crystal!  Taking the right picture in the best light can be challenging, especially during the winter when the light is limited and often overcast.  I have an excellent camera on my cell phone and just when I think I have just the right shot, I upload it and find it to be a little blurry, not an accurate depiction of size or not so great lighting.  But everything is a work in progress.  And retaking pictures, though time consuming is a necessary step for you to see exactly what I have to sell.

As I write this it sounds like the winter weather here in Colorado is often overcast and a little dreary.  That is certainly not the case!  If you travel to Colorado, you will most definitely have someone tell you that we have, on the average over 200 days of sunshine and this is so true.  The winter months are gorgeous!  Yes, it snows here and I love it.  I love it mostly because the snow pretty much melts the next day.  Even after receiving 3-5 inches of the white stuff.  It temps rarely get down to the single digits and I often find myself wearing a jacket rather than my heavy coat.  -- But just to clarify, I live in a Denver suburb and not in the mountains where there is definitely more snow.  But overall, we love it here.

Where do you live?  And how do you like your winter weather?  We would love to hear from you!


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